This Is How You Fall

"THIS IS HOW YOU FALL had me hooked from the opening lines—exceptional writing."

OLEN STEINHAUER, New York Times bestselling author of THE TOURIST

Jacob Cameron Asprey—twenty-five years old, getting by on his looks and determination—may be finished with his past, but his past is certainly not finished with him. He’s been sent home from college in disgrace with thirty-thousand dollars in debt after the IRS levied against the last of his savings, seeking compensation for the many crimes committed by his imprisoned father.

With only extended family to rely on, unemployment rampant, and Sally Godstreet, the woman he’s loved all his life, orbiting just out of his reach, Jake, in desperation, accepts the first job that comes his way: a lifeguard post at the wealthy country club across town. When Sally’s seductive younger sister, Kimber, invites Jake out to meet her con-artist uncle—the infamous Colonel Tom—it soon becomes apparent that landing the job was anything but an accident, and that Colonel Tom and his partner, Quinn Lightpainter, are conspiring to fire him into a future that will require him to risk everything, as the ravishing wasteland of the country club reveals itself to be the linchpin to a local crime boss’s master plot.

Before the summer is out, even those he loves will pay a terrible price. THIS IS HOW YOU FALL, a literary noir of startling vividness and compelling insight, chronicles Jake’s tumble from respectability as he reckons with his father’s debts, and realizes that if he is to free himself from the menacing world he’s entered, he’ll have to rely on the very history he had hoped to leave behind.